Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

We celbrated Thanksgiving with family on Thursday. Today we cleaned house!! Amy got up this AM to have a little "mom" time while watching the masses shop for gifts. Justin & I along with two guys from work took advantage of the beautiful weather and did yard work one more time for 2009.

We did switch our little girl's bed from a crib to a day bed in the cleaning process. We miss you! May God look after you until we return!

More news to come!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Third update..

Over the next three days we were allowed to visit our "daughter". She loves bananas! I had brought a bunch of Gerber toddler snacks from the states and got a bunch of bananas from the hotel. One day I think I gave her a little too much to eat, they told us she hardly ate any lunch. OOPs my fault! The third and last day to visit was by far the best! Our little girl was in her own and Amy was too! :-)
They played and played for over 2 hours. Giggles & laughs; followed by hugs & kisses and ending with a goodbye & tears.

She is missed, but we are already pushing ahead on the paper work need for court. Maybe with Gods help we will be called very soon!

Friday morning we got up to return home. Our faithful driver Alex delivered us to the airport. We thanked him and told him we hope to see him soon.

After boarding the plane, we noticed that mechanics were working on the wing. Come to find out that one of the deicing valves had broken and they were trying feverishly to repair it. Well after about an hour they gave up and cenceled our flight. Yeah United! We got loaded up onto a shuttle and shipped to the "lovely" NOT Hotel Air; next to the Russian Airport. I have always been brought up or told to not to say anything if you can't say anything nice. So on that note I will just say we spent the next 18 hours sitting in a small bar, surfing the net & facebooking to friends back home. There I didn't say anything bad about United or the Hotel Air.

The next day United had brought another plane in from London and loaded us up to head back to the good ol USA. We were sad to leave Russia, but we are praying to be back quickly! Thats pretty much covers our first trip to Russia.

We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and we hope to update you again real soon!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Second update

Tuesday was the day we had been waiting for. We traveled to the office where we would receive the referral. I'm pretty sure you could hear our hearts pounding all the way back here in the US. :-) After waiting for our turn we were called into the office. Answered a few questions that were subject around international adopting and then we were handed the referral. Due to time restraints we were not going to make it to see our daughter before lunch and nap time. So we had time to kill. We ventured off to do errands with Olga. After the errands and a quick bite to eat, we headed to meet our daughter. She was still in music class, but there was a window that allowed us to try and sneak a peek. Not being shy I edged over and over trying to see who was in the room. All of a sudden this little curious face spotted me, busted! It was her.. The little girl who has already changed our lives forever.

More updates to come..

First update...

Cheese Pizza & Pepsi Light

All I can say is wow! How blessed we are! God has a blessed us with a little girl.

Having never traveled further than any popular vacation destination Amy & I had a lot to learn. We left out of St. Louis last Saturday morning headed to Washington DC. Our flight to DC was delayed, but we had ample time due to a layover. Our flight from DC to Moscow was roughly 11 hours. I quickly found out that we were in the wrong seats, economy is not were you want to be. United has an Economy Select, which is the same seat but with more leg room. So on the trip home we upgraded, what a difference.

Monday we spent the day trying to adjust our jet lag ( I never did adjust) and taking a tour of the city. It is a huge city, we were told there are 19 million people and it is the world’s most expensive city to live in. The city is beautiful with all of its old buildings mixed in with new video billboards every where. We stayed at the Hilton in Moscow, which I would recommend, beautiful place with great service. That evening for dinner we went to the hotel restaurant and had our first cheese pizza with Pepsi lights. It was a simple dinner that gave us a flavor of home and it didn’t break our budget. Moscow didn’t get the title of Most Expensive city for nothing. Couple of sodas and our little pizza was roughly 1500 rubels, roughly $50.

More news to come! (as I get time to update)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Having Pepsi light & cheese pizza in Moscow..

Our celebration dinner was a cheese pizza & Pepsi light in Moscow. :)

God has blessed us..

More news to come!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Amy's luggage...

I'm sure there are those out there who know what Amy is going through. They have told us to pack sensible and light for the trip to Moscow. This being a little bit of a difficult task for her. LOL

Oh well we are packing! Pink we are coming! Love you!

Keep dad in your thoughts and prayers, he is back in the hospital.

More news to come!

Monday, November 9, 2009

House cleaning & packing!!

First I have to thank many of the people who are giving us gifts for Pink.. Thank you so much! She is blessed with family and friends who think so much of her already. I will shoot some pictures of everything soon.

Spent the weekend cleaning house.. Does it ever end?!? LOL

Not much to report.. We had beautiful weather this past weekend. Traveling soon!

Keep Pink in your prayers!

More new to come!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Too funny.... must clarify...

Our daughters name "is not" and "will not" be Pink.. Although I feel a nick name in the making. LOL

She has a name now, that we might or might not change. We started calling her Pink months back for serveral reasons: we don't know her current name, we haven't picked out a new name or if we are going to change it and everything she owns is PINK.... :)

We are getting so close!! Thank God!

More news to come!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Big Day!

Well ok... not THE big day.. but a big one. :)

Amy & I are off to CHI for a walk through with Anna about our upcoming trip to meet Pink. This will be our "what to expect" when we go over talk. Can you believe it? We can't! We are so blessed, we are close to meeting our daughter for the first time!

On another positive note, dad is home from the hospital.

More news to come!