Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Justin and Vika

Busy weekend! Super duper fall cleaning around the house all weekend.. Was great to get so much cleaned, but very shocking to see how much dirt and gunk was hidden under and behind furniture!! Amy and Vika went to Disney on Ice Friday evening at SLU... Justin and I headed to Luther High and watched the game with Christian High.. Luther High lost bad.. Saturday and Sunday was more of the house cleaning!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Dr Amy was away!

Friday Vika went with the Wilson's for Kelsey's bday party. Justin and I did some errands and home work.

Saturday Justin got up and went to cool apple butter with gma Fridley at 6am. He was tired! Vika had soccer game and photos. We went and saw Finding Nemo 3D in the afternoon. Bought a new walk behind mower. Love it!

Sunday worked in the yard all day. Vika played in a very strange outfit. :-). Ended the day by flying.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A funeral, a hurricane and a sick kid

Sad to say Grandma Alberta Blair passed this past week. She was Amy's grandmother.

Hurricane Issac came to STL and brought us almost 3 inches of rain. Wow!

Saturday night Amy and I did sneak out to celebrate my birthday with our Disney friends Marc and Amy. Went and had a great sushi dinner at Wassabi and danced at Sky Music lounge.

This week begins all of the kid extracurricular activities. Thk the Lord for Gma!