Monday, November 24, 2014

Various pics from the last few weeks..

Our first high school party

Vika had to purchase Clarice.. Rudolph's girlfriend..  Yep... she is spoiled.. :-)

Flew my first charter trip to Cincinnati

These guys just purchased 11,000 worth of fuel for their jet.

We hauled a mechanic and two tires to repair this jet..

Arriving back home in STL.

Justin hosted a party at the house..

Vika found the Christmas hat..

Monday, November 17, 2014

Easter Breakfast 2014

KC and Snow!

Vika sang in Church last Sunday...

Vika had a 1/2 day at schoo.  So that meant she got to spend some quality time at dads office..

Hmm.. looks familar.. :-)

Football season is over..  Banquet time..
Practice player of the week.. Justin F..

Justin F.. Special Teams.. player of the week.

Friday night.. we headed north.. burning some avgas...  See video above..

This is Clarice... Rudolphs girl friend..  Thanks Build A bear!

Drove DR Amy and Rhonda to KC because of snow Saturday...

Monday, November 10, 2014

November is here!

Mom was away in Austin for DR mtgs..  So Vika and I went to Target..

And we found J Animals.. which are Animal shapped pj's..

Our baby..

Wore them all weekend..

Second grade sang.. at 8am...

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cowtown Throw Down

Luthern High St Charles..  Robotics team went to KC this weekend for the big competition.

It happened to be Halloween weekend.. So after some quick thinking we trick or treated at Independence Mall..  It was packed!!!  Vika really didn't care... She ended up at O'Charley's for a philly chicken sandwich..

Wore out!!!  Mom and dad had to eat too!   Later we ate and Vika watched Netflix..

Cowtown Throwdown.

The arena!!!

The champions!!!

While shopping we found a limited edition Areal dress..

Yep she got it..