Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Godmother Melanie's wedding

Spent the weekend in Beautiful Grafton Illinois for Godmother Melanie's wedding. Golfed, Raging Rivers water park and ended by taking the ferry back home.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Last days of school!

Where to begin... Had a super weekend... So I sent my beautiful wife flowers... :-)

Vika's last day of school was Tuesday.. No more preschool.  She is a in kindergarten now!  Wednesday I got to attend the end of the year picnic.
Before we could go to the picnic we needed fuel for our bodies..  What better way to fuel out bodies.. DONUTS
For those of you who know us,, or read the blog we are kinda Disney Junkies...
No matter where we go... We seem to attract Disney.. :-)
Grandma Fridley... came by and let me go back to work.  So Vika went home with gma after the picnic.  I think she slept for 3 hours....
This picture is out of context.. but I thought it was cute...look in Vika's left hand..  Thats a sucker she fell asleep holding it.  Im not going to even comment on the fact that its May and she is playing with a stuffed Santa Claus.
Our new friend (babysitter) came over on Thursday.  Justin still had school so Vika needed a friend to play with.  Alex is awesome! 
My boy... Justin... Last day of 6th grade!  You make me proud...
Did I mention he scored in the 90 percentile on some of his apptitude testting for math...

Monday, May 21, 2012

What a great weekend!

Friday started with our soon to be preschool graduate trying on uniforms for kindergarten at school.   Daddy's princess is getting soooo big! 

Sat was recital day for Vika. The school has 2 big shows at the high school, both sold out!!  Justin did his normal morning with Tae Kwon Do, he helped teach the yellow belts.  He and I also snuck out at intermission after Vika's performance.  I think he had seen enough dance performances.  :-)

Would like to thank...

Godmothers Allison & Melanie

Mrs Robin - Vika's teacher...

Gma Fridley, Gma & Gpa Kohler...

Uncle Ron & Aunt Judy for attending the recital and all of the gifts! 

Sat night we meet up with our Disney buddies in the Central West End. Great night!

Sunday we went to late church. I headed to the aiport to work with Bob on my instructor certificate.
This weekend is Godmother Mel's wedding.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Fridley's get culture

Our Disney friends the Barnett's took us to the Fox to see Memphis, the broadway show, last Tuesday.

Really great night. Had dinner in Clayton and then headed down town to the Fox.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day weekend.

Friday night was the PTL movie night at school. They watched UP on the outdoor big screen. I stayed home and continued the labor of love in the basement. :-)

Saturday morning went and flew with Bob continuing to try and finish up my instructor certificate.

Sat was headed out with friends but didn't make it. We owe them a dinner. :-)

Sunday worked at moms in the afternoon.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Dance recital tickets.

Friday afternoon I picked up Justin and we went to see the Avengers movie and it was great. Then Amy and him did a class of yoga while Vika and I went home to make dinner.

Saturday Justin and I got up at 430 to get in line for Vika's dance recital tickets. We were first at 530.

Sun I flew and then crashed on the couch with sinus issues. Justin had a busy day with working with gma Fridley at the church chicken dinner. Then he went to church for the last youth group meeting of the school year.