Monday, January 19, 2015


Hey guys...

Just want to say that we are doing great..  the weather has been very good here lately... 50's.. Love it!

Justin is full swing into basketball season..  I attended the Open house at LHS for semester 2 the other night.. Its funny how many folks from ILS St Charles are there..

Over this past weekend.. I found an estate sale and purchased all of their appliances... Incredible score..   :-)

The picture below is Vika at gma's house.... What you can't see is the dinner she is eating while watching "Ben & Jon" toy reviewers on youtube...

This picture was taken by Dr. Amy..

J at the wheel in Amy's car.. keep in mind 400hp all wheel drive...  Yeah that ain't gonna happen unsupervised..

Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas at Disney World

This picture is actually from before Christmas at the local mall...

Yep... airport picture!

Our room at Walt Disney Boardwalk.... and our tree that goes every Christmas with us.

Santa Claus at Epcot - The Americas

Main Street USA - Walt Disney World - Magic Kingdom

Christmas Day Parade.

Our Christmas tree outside of the Boardwalk.

The lady's on the stairs..

The Osborne Lights at Hollywood Studios.. Breathtaking.

Epcot... and its Christmas tree..

Justin got arrested by the water patrol...

Not... His boat broke down on the 7 Seas Lagoon..

The RV / Camp ground at Disney... we went over for a sleigh ride...

Happy New Year!

Spaceship earth that had a count down clock displayed on it..

Heading home.. This is the Orlando Airport...

The End..