Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Birthday to me...

I just finished reading my post from last year.. Wow, things have so changed. Vika is home and doing super. We are well into the school year and both Vika and Justin are doing well. Last year this time I was still painting her room and we were doing court paper work. UGH! I do NOT miss that..

Nothing much too excitng taking place today. Had a great work out, and now work. Tonight going to go out with family and friends for a quick dinner.

Labor Day weekend is approaching, plan on getting lots completed around the house.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Our first dentist visit.

Vika went with Justin to the dentist on Friday. She did really well for her first time. She does have a slight cavity but the Dr said it was not too urgent. It would require just a little polishing to reapir. Yeah..

Saturday we visited the flight school that Justin & I fly out of. They were having an open house to promote the schools new location at KSET.

Saturday night... Dr. Amy & I went out for a super night.. just her and I enjoying some dancing.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A quick story..

Last night as we were putting the kids to bed... Vika gave me the biggest hug and kiss she has ever given me at bed time.. Little girl's kisses can melt you heart..

We are so blessed.

Monday, August 23, 2010

First day of preschool...

Vika loved her first day of preschool... Thank you God..

Would like to thank God-mother Mrs. Dolak for checking in on Vika through out the day.. we know you did .. LOL

Next thing you know.. she will be going off to college.. :-(

We are blessed..

Luffy's pool party..

Had a great weekend.

Friday night Aunt Mel and the girls came over to help make treats for the pool party on Saturday night. Saturday afternoon we went over to the Cundiff's house for a great end of the Summer party.
Vika loves the water... and has no fear.. Swimming lessons are a must for this fall.
Also... please say a prayere for the staff at ILS; espically Mrs Fletcher & Mrs Dolak, today is the first day of preschool. LOL

Friday, August 20, 2010

Another chapter of life...

Well this week was full of firsts and lasts..

Justin began ILS in the 5th grade.. Go Justin!

Vika had her last day of Goddard on Thursday.. Thank you to Ms. Bethany and the staff at the Wentzville Goddard school. It was a great experience!

Vika had meet the teacher day at ILS this AM. Got to visit with Mrs. Fletcher and some class mates. Can't wait for Monday; preschool begins.

Amy is in the process of adding additonal staff at the office to help with the afternoon rush .

I continue to fly ..

Can't help but think about last year this time we were getting ready to be real busy. Thank God its over... and we can just be a family. :-)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Friday night Taylor (neighbor girl) came over to assist Justin watch Vika. Went super! Amy & I went out for the evening just enjoying each others company. It was a great night.

Saturday Justin test for his High brown belt ( the prequel to black) He passed.. Yeah Justin.

Sunday the boys went to the airport and the girls rested.. Had a quick dinner at Gma Fridley's ...

Tomorrow Justin & Gma are going to spend the day together, its the last day before school starts. Can you believe that we will have a 5th grader and one in preschool.. OMG.. So blessed...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer 2010...

Hard to believe that school starts next week for Justin. Vika starts at ILS the following week.
Gma is in Florida with the girls.

Hot Hot Hot here in STL.. 100 degrees

Flying is going well for both Justin and I. I'm working on my Commercial Liscense.. Justin is working on stalls.

Vika got her first pedicure.

Amazed at how blessed we are.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Smog & Heat in Russia

MOSCOW – Deaths in Moscow have doubled to an average of 700 people a day as the Russian capital is engulfed by poisonous smog from wildfires and a sweltering heat wave, a top health official said Monday.

Moscow health chief Andrei Seltsovky blamed weeks of unprecedented heat and suffocating smog for the rise in mortality compared to the same time last year, Russian news agencies reported. He said city morgues were nearly overflowing, filled with 1,300 bodies, close to their capacity.

Acrid smog blanketed Moscow for a six straight day Monday, with concentrations of carbon monoxide and other poisonous substances two to three times higher than what is considered safe. Those airborne pollutants reached a record over the weekend — exceeding the safe limit by nearly seven times.

About 550 separate blazes were burning nationwide Monday, mainly across western Russia, including about 40 around Moscow, according to the Emergencies Ministry. Forest and peat bog fires have been triggered by the most intense heat wave in 130 years of record keeping.

Alexander Frolov, head of Russia's weather service, said judging by historic documents, this heat wave could be the worst in up to 1,000 years.

"Our ancestors haven't observed or registered a heat like that within 1,000 years," Frolov said at a news conference. "This phenomenon is absolutely unique."

He said the heat in Moscow reflects the global climate's increased volatility.

Daily highs have reached up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 Celsius), compared to the usual summer average of 75 F (24 C). And, according to the forecast, there will be no respite this week.

Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum, a climate change and health expert at the World Health Organization in Geneva, said deaths could certainly double with higher temperatures alone — a phenomenon seen during Europe's 2003 heat wave.

"The impacts tend to be more severe in places that are not used to these kinds of temperatures," he told The Associated Press. "These temperatures wouldn't be out of place in the southern U.S. or Australia, but in Russia, the infrastructure is not used to these temperatures and the risk of death will increase."

Few apartments in Moscow have air conditioning and the city's overcrowded subway is poorly ventilated.

Campbell-Lendrum said it would be difficult to pinpoint whether the majority of new Russian deaths were due to the heat or to the smog, but said there was no question the combined effect was dangerous.

He said elderly people and those with health conditions like heart or lung problems were most at risk, but with extreme conditions, there could also be a spike in deaths of otherwise healthy people. He said the increased deaths would likely continue for as long as the heat wave persists.

At least 52 people have died directly in the wildfires and over 2,000 homes have been destroyed. Flights to Moscow have been delayed and diverted.

Russian authorities have acknowledged that the 10,000 firefighters battling the blazes aren't enough, and sent thousands of soldiers to help fight the fires.

Wednesday's international soccer match between Russia and Bulgaria was moved from Moscow to St. Petersburg, 370 miles (600 kilometers) to the northwest, due to the smog.

The severe drought and wildfires have destroyed 20 percent of Russia's wheat crop, prompting the government last week to introduce a ban grain exports for the rest of the year. The news drove the price of wheat, which has already jumped 70 percent on world markets this summer, even higher.

On the Russian blogosphere, one of the country's last outposts of unfettered expression, the mood was bleak and angry that the situation had become so serious. One blogger on the popular LiveJournal site suggested that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Moscow's mayor and other top officials be fired for not stopping the fires. Another LiveJournal blogger said the polluting haze had prompted her to quit smoking.

Others focused on immediate issues — like getting a good night's sleep.

"Every night it's like we prepare for war," blogger Tsirtsis wrote on the independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta's Web site. "With open windows, it's impossible to breathe because of the burning, and with closed windows we choke in the stifling heat."

Friday, August 6, 2010

Post Home study...

Ashley our social worker came out for our 6 month post placement interview. All went super we thought.. We don't have another post placement until Febraury of 2011.

Have a super weekend!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vika like gymnastics.

The Fridley's are doing awesome. God continues to bless our lives in so many ways.

Vika is doing gymnastics and is looking forward to school.

Justin is finishing baseball, getting ready for football and continues to fly.

Amy & I just feel happy to be there for them.

The heat in Russia..

Russian Prime Minster Vladimir Putin has held an urgent meeting on Monday with regional governors in Moscow, regarding the devastating wildfires that have hit Russia turning homes and villages into ashes.

Putin is rushing around the country to comfort citizens. He visits fire victims, while publicly dictating to the President what should be done about the fires that have killed 40 people and ravaged almost half a million hectares, reported the Sydney Morning Herald on Wednesday.

"Before winter, all the houses will be standing,'' Putin said, raising his voice to be heard by a crowd he was speaking among. Cameras of all the major television networks broadcasted the meeting across Russia.

"Do you promise us?'' a woman asked. ''Yes, I promise,'' Putin replied, adding that each family member will receive more than $6000 in compensation.

Russian wildfires have taken new tolls as the number of fatalities reaches 40 while officials insist on having the situation under control.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Monday declared a state of emergency in seven regions in European Russia and ordered authorities to protect military depots from the raging fires.

The wildfires accompanied by the worst heat wave in the past 50 years, have engulfed 172,372 hectares (666 square miles) of land, said the Emergency Situations Ministry on its website Tuesday, according to Bloomberg.

"This is the first time in 50 years we've seen the combination of such a long period of abnormal heat and both atmospheric and soil drought," the Hydro-meteorological Center said.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Mom made it home in time for the fair...

Dr. Amy went to Branson for the Missouri Chiropractors Assoc. yearly meetings and continuing education. The 3 of us missed her much, but survived ok. :-)

She came home Saturday evening, so we went to the St. Charles Co Fair. It was packed! Justin wanted to see the demolition derby.. Vika LOVED the rides.. would have done them all if she would have been tall enough.