Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Washington University Law School

Justin wanted to see what Law school was all about.. So we went to the best in the midwest..

We took a tour of Washington University Law School..

Here he is waiting for the tour to begin...  Incredible place..

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pool bound! In Vika's world, this is how we go to the pool!

First of all the Yacht Club is nice!  Never stayed there... we are definitely going back..  We consider ourselves Disney Snobs and only stay at the best...  it was nice..

Anyway... following Vika to the pool..  :-)

Easter and more

Yep.... St. Louis airport.... we are blessed to be off again.

My airplane buddy..

2 guesses where we went....   1 guess doesn't count..

Beautiful weather in Orlando... upper 80's....

BTW.. it was our first time being at Disney for Easter..

Love eating at the Contemporary !

So much history, such a great view...  could eat at the cafe all day.

The Fridley 4...

Yep.. that Belle... passed out cold..

Want to go with us to the parks?  Prepare to go hard or go home!  :-)

At Easter it is the Flower and Garden Festival at EPCOT..

The Fridley/Four selfie..

Back in STL J got his hair cut..  gma picked out his style..

School musical... Vika was a flapper...  from the 20's