Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Volleyball and blind dates

1100 watts....  Two 10" subs... yep... its not my truck anymore..

J decided not to play football anymore...  However.... he is helping the AD with duties around the school on football nights..

If you look closely in the middle... that is J driving the John Deere Gator..

First Blind the bowling Alley..  He meet up with his friend Hunter, his date and her friend who was 16..

Vika is playing volleyball now..

Justin asked Kayla to HC... so I went with him to Dierbergs to help pick out a flower...  we went with crazy rose colors...

Monday, August 17, 2015

Mid August

6' 2" 190+..
I can still whoop him  :-)

Being picked up for school by the twin girls from the down the street!

My Russian Princess begins 3rd grade..


Hmm... all I can say is that we are truly blessed!!  More news to come!

I built that!!.. Family project... rebuilding the deck.. we added a huge pergola..

My truck is no longer mine..

Justin is adding his own touches to it..

Monday, August 10, 2015

Global Leadership Summit.

Sunday night storms blew through... Actually saw lightening strike the steeple of the church in Cottleville... Amazing!

Had a work meeting at Starbucks... the new Strawberry Acai was good!  Hate to see how many calories were in it.

Global Leadership Summit...  amazing!  Cant wait til next year to attend..

Monday, August 3, 2015

Upper GI

Vika had to have an upper GI...  She is having issues with certain foods causing here to spit up..

The GI came back that she might have EOE... basically a food allergy...

Procedure all done... sleeping with Star Wars Build A Bear... dressed as Darth Vader..

Took an hour for her to come around...  a bit grumpy when she woke up  :-) but she was ok when we went home.

Church mens club worked at the fair... we parked cars..

I felt like I was 18... I even drank a couple beers..

and ate some chicken gizzards... hot sauce and salt!

Justin visited Washington University School of Engineering..