Monday, September 9, 2013

Warm weekend

Vika had her first soccer practice of the season..

That silly turtle sand box...  She loves it!

Friday night Vika had a sleep over.  Kelsey came over to the house.
Saturday morning I spent at the airport.  This coming Sat is my CFII test...
We woke up to rain on Sunday... well needed! 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Birthday weekend...

Ok.. so I have been slacking with updates.. Well this past weekend was my birthday... Yeah... We went to the Central West End with our Disney friends.. Marc & Amy.. Big thank you to those guys for picking up the tab! Way too kind!! Next one is on us. Cant wait for Europe!

This is Vika playing in her blow up pool.. Its basically full of sand from her sand box! She loved it..
BTW... Vika is or was fully dressed.. socks and all .. She was a mess.

Yep the water is nasty!  Its full of sand that she put in there.  The straw bails are whats left of the construction of the big wall for the pool..  Notice the patio furniture is stashed in the flower bed, while we are reworking the deck.  It was a work weekend!

Labor Day weekend.. staining and painting.. Amy loved me for it.  :-D

More patio furniture stashed out of the way.  Total mess! 

Justin was given the assignment to clean out the pool..  He needed help.