Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Toot my own horn...

Passed my latest checkride in flying... Im onto my Commercial Pilot's lisence.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Again! Again? ....... Again!

This past weekend Vika took her first road trip to the Lake of the Ozarks.. We had to pick up our waverunners at Surdyke Yamaha.. (Let me say the guys in the Service Dept are the best there!)

Ok.. let me start from the beginning.. I need to apologize to Pastor Sell.. Durring church Sat night.. The Fridleys went up to recieve comunion.. In the Lutheran Church children do not recieve comunion until 8th grade confirmation.. but they can walk up to recieve a blessing. As I carried Vika in my arms; Pastor Sell distributed the bread. Miss Vika spoke up and in a very loud charming voice said, "Hi". :-) It caught Pastor off gaurd and really amused Pastor Auringer.. :-)

After church... I went and prepared the trailer to pick up the waverunners. Amy took the kids over to her moms to visit for a bit. Storms blew thru leaving over an inch of rain..

Sunday morning we drove to the lake.. took the waverunners over to Aunt Phylisis.. Then we headed to TanTara Resort.. They have an inside water park.. With lazy rivers, water slides, play area.. Very fun..

Miss Vika LOVED IT. She went down the BIG water slide with Amy or I... I bet at least 50 times.. She would get to the bottom.. and say Again!!.. we would say.. again?? .. and she would reply with AGAIN!!..

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cupcakes & summer ...

A brief update...

Vika is now attending Goddard School in Wentzville; in Miss Bethany's class.. Aunt KK got a new job working for Pitman Funeral Home... Yeah Aunt KK!!! Good luck back in the business world after a few years of hiatus. :-)

Vika is really doing well in school and seems to really enjoy it. We started working with flash cards to nail down the alphabet and numbers before preschool starts this fall at ILS. Mrs. Dolak your Rhodes Scholar is on the way!
Justin's baseball season is wrapping up over the next few weeks.. Another sucessful season being a left hand catcher.. Anyone ever hear of Jack Clements?? :-)

Gma Fridley got a new car... Yeah grandma! I didn't know they made Ferarris in that color.. LOL

Can you believe we already have our 6 month review with the social worker set up.. wow..

Monday, July 19, 2010

School shopping and flying..

Another great weekend... but never enough completed. :-)

Friday Amy took the children shopping for the upcoming school year. Vika is so excited to be attending the same school as her big brother Justin. I must warn a certain principal / Godmother; you are going to have your hands full. LOL Miss Vika's new response to any question is " why?" She does it the the cutest way... We have decided its a blonde thing.. LOL

Saturday we had baseball, Justin had a good game catching in the 104 degree heat index. Earlier that day we did some yard work trying to finish up some grass planting and power washing.

Sunday was play day.. Storms came through early in the morning and cleared after lunch. Justin and I went to the airport for flying.. He took lesson #2.

Turn down the volume to watch the video..


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vika the gymnast..

Both of our children are so talented!!

Vika is doing gymnastics twice a week now. She is so strong and can do so much..

Monday, July 12, 2010

Vika hits the beach..

Went with a great bunch of people from church and school to Mexico..

Vika is a great traveler and loves to swim!!

Thanks to everyone who traveled with us! We are blessed to have such great friends..