Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Brrrrr it's cold!

The weather this winter has been horrible!  The 4 Frids are thinking about moving south.. Wow..

I think we are up to 6 snow days this year.  Which means the kids get to stay home by themselves.

Which is ok with Vika,, she entertains herself..  (kinda like her mom)  Justin on the other hand ... well not so much.  :-)

Here is Vika playing..

Our new girl scout vest,, thanks to gma Frid.

Vika under the weather... camped out in her moms spot in the bed.

Midwest Aviation Conf.. listened to astronaut Vogle speak... very interesting.

Future Cougar day at the high school..Vika sat by me.. and listened to her ipad.

Yep.. he is sick..  I think we all have been this winter.. It has been bad.

PJ day... 100th day of school..   Godmother Dolak and Vika in their feety pajamas..

Monday, January 6, 2014

Justin's Birthday, Christmas and a New Year

The below pictures loaded in reverse order...

This is in the Orlando Airport.. camped out when our flight home was delayed..

The airport was crazy busy with the huge winter storm affecting all of the US.

Vika and I got lucky and road the first car on Everest at Hollywood Studios.

Our home away from home.. Disney's Grand Floridian

NYE... was crazy busy at Magic Kingdom..  We loved it.  Took about an hour to get into the sold out park.

Thank goodness we are annual passholders.

New Years Eve..

In Mexico.. Christmas Day... Justin and I went off roading..

Amy and Vika peaking over the rail from our room.

Arriving on Dec 20 at Orlando airport.

Justin's 14th birthday.