Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Spring Break / Easter & College visit in TX.

Vika, Justin & Amy did a family trip to the STL ZOO over the spring break.

Justin playing his first golf match for LHS... we snuck out and snapped a pick.

Headed to Dallas to meet up with Dr. Amy before heading to Austin for the college visit.
Toured the area where JFK was shot.

The grassy knoll.

JFK memorial.

Drove into Austin on Palm Sunday.. headed to Bethany Lutheran Church to see our old pastor from ILCSW.

Visited Concordia Austin CTX.. attended chapel that moring.

After Justin's overnight at CTX him and I went to Univ Texas @ Austin..
Dr Amy had flown back to STL the previous day.

Easter party ath ILCSW 4th grade.. with Vika

ILCSW Easter egg hunt..

Easter morning with gma.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Justin performs chapel for LHS...

Very proud of my son... He wrote and spoke the chapel for LHS ...