Monday, July 29, 2013

The wall is done.

Mr Horse playing dress up with Vika.

Vika & Justin spend the day at the pool.

First trip to Grants Farm.  Notice that Vika is holding her nose.

Dr. Amy..

Ice cream!!

Gasconade Co Fair...
Colt Ford the country singer..

The wall for the pool is done..  Vika playing in the sand.

Vika playing in the speaker.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Mid July fun

Well half way through Summer... or at least July..

Vika is part fish... We still laugh about how we were instructed she would be terrified of water... :-)

Summer basketball league for Justin is over... he still does performance camps on Sat with the high school.
Blurry pics.. but.. he is doing great!

The pool construction is never ending..  At least this wall I am not doing..  :-)

Vika washing her feet at moms house... Don't ask  :-D

We have been doing a lot of work around moms house and she got her feet dirty..

Can anyone see her horns?  She is a hoot! 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy 4th of July

Two Blondes and a Pool...  :-)   That is Vika trying out her new scuba mask and snorkel.  Vika is having a blast with her nanny Ally..  Love her so much... 

Since I was scheduled to take my ride with the FAA the Monday after the 4th of July we didn't go to Disney..  However we did see some awesome fireworks her locally at InnsBrook..  We even got VIP seats thanks to a sponsorship from Fridley Chiropractic.

The calm before the storm...  This was the information that I presented to the FAA for my flight instructor certificate..

Job well done by yours truly.  Standing with the 2 FAA inspectors that gave me my exam.  They were hard, but fair.   Really enjoyed the 2 days looking back.