Monday, June 24, 2013

Sumer time!

Did a bunch of traveling to our store in Indy... They love road construction in Illinois and Indiana..

Nanny Ally is back!!!  God bless her!  Vika is in heaven!  and loves the special attention.. :-)

Trip to the park... Guess who loves dinosaurs!!!

Our swim party at the Y..

Justin and I went over to Air Associates in Chesterfield to take a peek at their new Red Bird simulator..Very cool... it moves..

We got rained out this week.. but are scheduled next week...  Ferrari

Lamborghini... or Lambo... for short... :-)

The equipment is arriving

Monday, June 10, 2013

Our baby is 7

Had to go to St. Johns hospital for a follow up with our eye surgeon.  All went super.. We stopped and had a snack before the appointment.

Had to get our eyes dialated...  Fell asleep while waiting for the drops to do their work.

Mrs. Gerri the rockstar swim teacher.  Vika said in the Kindergarten graduation video she wanted to be a swim teacher... So we gave Mrs Gerri that picture...

Looks like she is 10!!!!  Went out with Aunt Melanie and cousins, Brook, Caroline & Drew for a day of shopping and swimming.

Blurry... but Vika got a great Minnie dressed as Tinkerbell..

Gma Fridley gave her a Mufassa & Zherabi... Lion King

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

First week of camp and flooding

If you look closely... you can see Justin in the green shirt.. in the middle.. This was his first day on the job of being a camp counselor in traing...

The river flooded the airport..  Went down and flew this nice 182RG out...

The river be rising..